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Friday, March 8, 2013

The good, the IE6 and the IE6

So, as a mammoth project is fast approaching the money shot.

Soft launch a few weeks back, hard launch next week with military and government bigwigs set to attend the event. What is there to be depressed about?

Well, since we soft-launched, Google Analytics has been the bearer of some fairly distressing news.

Internet Explorer 6.0 46.54%.


See, our site is primarily aimed at a military audience, and the MOD's internal systems, unbelievably still use IE6.

I'll do everything I can to try and persuade them to change their ways.

Meanwhile, here's an article I penned for A List Apart last year. They didn't publish it, but I got an enouraging rejection letter at least.

And the fact that almost 50% of people accessing my site (compared to about 1% of total web users) are still using this 12 year old browser means that, amazingly, it's still relevant.