For all the indispensible digital producers, developers, architects and everyone else who make the web happen.

For the late nights and the early mornings.

For the team players and arse-kickers. For the creatives, for the techies, for the bring-it-all-togethers.

For the go-live, for the can-do.

For the heroes.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


So, what's the point of this blog?

Well, one day I hope that it will be a collaborative forum where the best digital people in the world come together to discus concepts and ideas and share practical tips and tricks. Whether it's CSS hacks or CRM strategy. Photoshop filters or promotional features.

That day isn't yet and I've no idea when it will be. I'm not going to be promoting Release Day Heroes at all right now (so, if you've found it, you've actually stumbled upon something a bit secret).

What I will be doing is occasionally posting stuff and building up a bit of a content base. And that will take as long as it takes. I have a day job (and when it ends on July 31, I'll be getting ready to start my next day job on August 1).

I'm also busy with my successful food and drink blog, Ben Viveur. But if you want to know more about what I do as a Digital Production Manager, then visit

If you're reading this several years in the future and have joined a vast band of Release Day Heroes, thanks for helping the vision come alive!

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